Net Neutrality

AT&T, Comcast, and Verizon are full of shit. Here’s the summary:

Some of the largest ISPs now seem to view declining network performance not as a technical problem to be solved so much as a source of leverage in business negotiations.

The hard truth ISPs have been fighting for years is that they are a utility, and should be classified as such by the FCC. Just as my power company doesn’t dictate what I supply power to within my home, an ISP should not be able to discriminate between the websites I visit.

As a direct result of lack of regulation, they are now trying to extort fees from different web services to allow them acceptable throughput, ignoring the fact that they are already obligated to provide a specific throughput through the internet service plan their customers already pay for. They are attempting to negotiate fees from both ends of the network and get paid twice for providing service.

They have come to the incorrect conclusion that because their network is congested, websites that are bandwidth-heavy should pay to improve their infrastructure. This is akin to saying your corner gas station should charge BP or another gas company to expand their available pumps because of an influx of customers. How is this reasonable logic? The ISP must use the profit from their customer base to upgrade infrastructure; it’s how every company works!

Sadly, we have an FCC chair that is incapable of accepting this responsibility or under too much pressure from lobbyist paid for by the ISPs.

Support Net Neutrality. Let Tom Wheeler of the FCC know you support Net Neutrality. Let them know the new regulations his body has proposed contain vague terminology and loopholes that are not consistent with an open internet.

Email him at or phone the FCC at +1.888.225.5322 to file a complaint.

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